Wheels Discs

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the difference between four wheel desk brakes and ABS brakes?

I want to buy a Nissan Altima, and the standard brakes are 4 wheel disc brakes. When you get into the higher models, it goes with ABS brakes. Please help explaining the difference, because I cannot find any information on the internet!!

Best Answer...


4 wheel disc brakes simply mean that they are disc on all four wheels as opposed to drum brakes in the back like usuall. Disc are better, easier to fix but you wouldnt be able to tell the difference anyway. Now ABS means Anti-locking Brake System. Now this means that when you slam on the brake pedal to stop real fast that your wheels will not lock up and you will not slide. Makeing you stop faster and with less effort. Its great in the rain or ice it helps SOOO much. in my opinion you should ALWAYS buy a car with ABS its a huge difference, and much much safer.. Its worth it, expecialy if you are buying a new car. ...good luck and if u still dont understand ,,write me.