Tightening Fixture

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how to install ceiling light?

Best Answer...


flip the breaker off for the lights so you don't accidentally electrocute yourself

take the light cover off and the bulb out You should see two screws in the fixture holding it to the ceiling take those out the fixture will drop down You should see 2-3 wires a black power and white neutral and if newer home a bare copper which is the ground wire. take the white undo the wire nut
and pull apart recap the black wire coming out of the ceiling do the same for the white and cap it off as well even thou the power is off might as well practice safety don't ever grab both wires at the same time You will become the light fixture and get electric shock and try not to sweat and don't have wet hands use gloves if that the case

take the fixture out put white wire to white wire black to black and copper bare wire to green screw located either on the new fixture or inside the housing take the new or old screws tighten fixture back up to ceiling install light bulb and cover flip the breaker back on and your done

hope that helps