Stainless Steel Square

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to produce out of stainless steel pipes?

stainless steel square tube,stainless steel round tube

Best Answer...


pipe can be produced by taking strip, bending into a pipe shape, and then welding a seam.

Seamless tube can be produced by taking a billet, drilling a hole in it, and forcing the billet, through a series of forming dies until it's the correct size, and shape. Metal is usually annealed between passes to reduce chance of tearing. Much like wire drawing

Larger pipe can also be cast continuously.

Round/square pipe could be deformed into other sections by drawing it through a series of dies/rollers of appropriate shape. Not easy to increase wall thickness (Think it can sometimes be done with certain metals, by hitting one end of the pipe very hard/very quickly). But cross sectional area could perhaps be increased at the expense of wall thickness by using dies to open out the bore.