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Frequently Asked Questions...

How long will it take to rebuild a smashed '07 Chevy Cobalt? Help from auto body repair person please!?

I'm looking into buying an '07 Chevy Cobalt that has been in an accident. The driver side head light, hood, front bumper cover, passenger side fender, driver airbag, and upper tie bar were all damaged. If I was to buy the car and have it repaired how long would that take? I would like to have my new car as soon as possible, and am hoping that it will not take a terribly long time.

Answers from anyone who works in auto body repair would be greatly appreciated! =]

Best Answer...


I do auto body repair.No one can really give you a good answer without looking at it carefully.Depending on several things,like whether the new parts are on hand,how much structural damage it suffered,how well the paint work goes,and most importantly the repair people.Without insurance you are surely trying to save money so please understand that the better paying jobs come first.If this Cobalt was written off by the insurance and given salvage paper it's damaged more than it looks like and you might be careful about getting in to this.Even professionals like myself often don't profit by doing this.Expect to leave it for a month most places and also expect higher charges than anticipated.