Shearing Clipper

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Border Collie show grooming supplies?

What grooming supplies should I have for my border collies for conformation (doggie shows). Like the small stuff: coat handler, chalk, cholesterol.... I have a blow dryer, grooming table, straight scissors, thinning shears, clipper, and brushes. What else would I need? Shammy, smell pretty stuff, or what else?
Does anyone know anyplace to order from?

Best Answer...


I would invest in a good apron. Chalk can become quite messy.

As for chalk the best chalk you can use is billard chalk its what i use on my bullies. Amazon has it for like 7 bucks. All the other chalk does not compare to this stuff. THe powder also works but its much more messier

This is the powder we use

its the second item in the first row

We use a cream called pure cosmetic skin and coat.

This is it

Best place to order is at a show you can get show prices but here is a site for the cream

Just go to and type in billard chalk and keep scrolling for a spool of it.

As for spray
I for get what we use but we get it at the shows and it is a pink/purple can with a maltese on the front of it.

Yeah i would invest in a couple shammys
Ice buckets that you can fill water in
Water bottle

Edit- This is the chalk you want

My mentor recommends it highly to other people, and so do I.

Just make sure you break it up with a hammer and put it in a container.