Reel Mower

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does anyone know how well a "reel mower" cuts grass?

It's one of those push mowers without a motor(the old fashioned kind). I know they still make them and they are pretty expensive but I don't know how hard they are to push or how well they cut grass.

Best Answer...


reel mowers of the best cut because they use a scissor like action vs a rotary mower ( deck mower) that uses an impact cut. reel mowers have a blade on the bottom that is called a bed knife. it is stationary and does not move ( think of it as one side of scissors that doesn't move). the other blades spin around and pin the grass between the bed knife and the blade. this action cuts the grass like scissors would. rotary mowers use high speeds and blades that spin around at high rpms to basically whack the grass. this actually wounds the grass if the blades aren't sharp. reel mowers are generally safer than rotary mowers due to the fact that they run at slower speeds and don't shoot rocks and golf balls out like missles