Frame Rail

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Bee Thinking 10 Frame Shallow Wood Pine Long Side Keeping Apairy Honey Hive Rail
Bee Thinking 10 Frame Shallow Wood Pine Long Side Keeping Apairy Honey Hive Rail
3 8 Grab Hook Tractor Frame rail Mount Skid loader Bucket Mount
3 8 Grab Hook Tractor Frame rail Mount Skid loader Bucket Mount
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Frame Rail

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Rear Frame Rail and Front Bracing - Building a Pure Stock Race Car

Maintaining Safety In Loft Beds

Searching for a loft bed with desk with adequate safety features is an important requirement. Lofts are exquisite furnishings for all types of room whether huge or small. They are appealing to the eye and serve a helpful purpose too. Lofts in order to be useful should match your needs, weight and provide safety to user.

These are some of the guidelines to keep you safe when you use lofts:

Weight handling ability. Some lofts are not capable of handling weight more than 200 pounds. Manufacturers often design the lofts for little children. This is why you should ask the seller how much is its weight limit. A 200 pound weight ability may appear enough but this is the total for weight of mattress, foundation and user weight. Combining all of these weight will make the 200 inadequate.

Safety Mattress. The mattress should be securely tied to the rails. Children on the upper mattress might dislodge the tie and pin themselves under the mattress. The mattress foundation needs to be strong too to be able to carry the user.

The size of mattress matters too. There is a required thickness for mattresses for lofts. The worst thing that could happen with improper mattresses is it could slide out of the platform while you are sleeping. The frame should wrap around this mattress to prevent accidents from happening.

Strong Guardrails. The safety rails of upper mattress should be at the very least 5 inches long. Anything lesser would be unsafe. If you roll out of upper mattress, remember that you will fall to the floor. This could cause injuries or even be fatal. Guardrails can prevent that from happening.

Safety Ladder. The ladder must be attached to loft so it will not move while you are climbing. The ladders should be screwed or bolted not just hanged.

If you hang things in your loft, make sure that you do not install hooks, for hanging clothes or a roasting pan, near the ladder. This could hurt you if this sharp tip could catch your clothes or it stabs at you. Pointed things should be kept underneath not near the ladder.

Strong bed stilts. The bed should not move when you are climbing the ladder. It must be able to carry your weight. You do not feel like the bed is about to collapse on you. It should make you feel secure. It does need to lean to the wall for support. Lofts should not be attached to a wall through a bolt.

Wood frames must be pressure treated. This type of lumber is not fit for indoor use because it was treated by a toxic chemical. Do not use this kind of wood for loft bed.

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