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Standard Crop Lens Test for Nikon DSLRs

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Scheduler Standard Oil Engineered Materials CO Model 2 Crop Plant Stress Monitor
Scheduler Standard Oil Engineered Materials CO Model 2 Crop Plant Stress Monitor
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Crop Standard


Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD review (Engadget)

When Motorola resurrected the RAZR brand last year we didn't realize that we
were looking at the new face of the company. At the time, Google had yet to
officially take over the handset manufacturer, it had a deep stable of less-
than-impressive devices and, while it was a moderate success, the Droid RAZR
didn't exactly turn the market on its head. Still, in retrospect, it only
makes sense that the RAZR would once again become the standard bearer for
Moto. Even if we weren't blown away by last year's model, it was a big step in
the right direction for the company, a device that featured a great mix of
premium styling and performance. The new RAZR HD and MAXX HD take that basic
formula and attempt to address our concerns about the display and battery
life, the latter of which was already handled in dramatic fashion by the RAZR
MAXX. So, how do the latest caps-happy, vowel-averse handsets from Motorola
stack up against last year's incarnations and the current crop of competitors?
Keep on reading after the break to find out.

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